Our Services

If your company’s objective is to increase revenue and reach a new level of growth, your main starting point should be to increase the number of contacts you wish to achieve by your sales department. 

There are many challenges that face sales departments, business owners and other decision makers and Confident Approach have seem them all. Drawn from experience over the years Confident Approach has created a unique set of services that can help your company improve sales productivity.

Services are as follows: 

Confident Approach offers set of assessment tools that you can buy online.

  1. SPQ Gold Assessment 
  2. Selling Style Profile Analysis

Confident Approach can help you to directly influence selling behaviour, selling styles, and most importantly, overcome emotional barriers of sales force representatives by providing  specifically designed workshops and coaching. 

During the selection process Confident Approach can provide you with quick and reliable on-line services such as Candidate Screening and Second Opinion.

Regardless of your company size and different stages of business development, Confident Approach can offer you a customized services designed and tailored exclusively to meet your specific requirements.

Confident Approach believes that prospecting comes first. Without the ability to comfortably and consistently establish contact with prospective customers, such as personality, selling style, and work ethic they are like a genie trapped inside a bottle. They represent unmet potential and unfulfilled wishes.

Today, many progressive sales organisations around the world have recognised and measured the costly consequences of sales call reluctance (the emotional hesitation to initiate contact, prospect and self-promote). They already have programs in place to aggressively counter call reluctance and have adopted diagnostic procedures to identify the risk before they experience a shut-down.